Ashland, Oregon Bankruptcy Attorneys

While the word bankruptcy stirs up fear and stress in most people, it was never intended to be a bad word. In fact, bankruptcy was written into law as a way to provide people with a legal recourse should they find themselves dealing with an overwhelming amount of debt. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve we see bankruptcy as a second chance, and a way for people to, once again, live a life free from the stress of creditors harassing them or banks foreclosing. In fact, we have a team of attorneys and legal staff specially dedicated to helping clients file for bankruptcy and get a fresh start.

The negative stigma around the word bankruptcy is undeserved. There are hundreds of scenarios that can lead to people needing to file for bankruptcy and most of them are unexpected and unplanned. No one hopes to file for bankruptcy someday – but, life happens and so does bankruptcy. Some of the reasons that a person might need to file for bankruptcy are:

  • Medical bills. It is a tragedy in and of itself that overwhelming medical bills are the number one reason people have to file for bankruptcy. When a medical event strikes, the emotional and physical pain is great. In many cases, the victim can’t work and the constant barrage of medical bills that come in the mail get left unpaid. The end result – more debt than can be paid and a need to file for bankruptcy.
  • Dissolution of Marriage. A majority of households in Oregon are dual-income. In other words, both husband and wife are working. However, when that household splits into two households due to divorce, the process can be quite expensive. In addition to the legal fees of the divorce, there are all of the regular bills that used to be paid for with two incomes. In the end, one or both parties find themselves with more debt than they can handle and the need to file for bankruptcy.
  • Excessive use of installment credit. This includes credit cards, store credit accounts, car payments, etc. Most of the time, when a person over uses their installment credit accounts it is because of one of the events mentioned above. When you’ve been in a tragic car accident and are unable to work but, the claim has not been settled and you have thousands of dollars in medical bills, in addition to your regular household bills, you have no choice but to start paying for things with your credit cards. If these circumstances go on long enough, you will find yourself with more debt than you can pay off and no other choice but to file for bankruptcy

For decades, the dedicated attorneys at the law practice of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve have been helping the residents of Oregon navigate the scary and stressful process of filing for bankruptcy. We manage both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings and can help you to understand the difference between the two and decide which will best fit your needs. Bankruptcy does not have to be the end of anything other than your overwhelming debt. Instead, it is the beginning of a life free of the fear and stress. It is a fresh start and our attorneys will help guide you through.